Jeff Kozan

Jeff Kozan

Jeff Kozan, Palm beach County native, and resident of our beloved Delray Beach , Florida.. His tattooing career began shortly after high school when he was given a formal apprenticeship at the world famous Tatts Taylors Tattooing in Fort Lauderdale . After years of diligent training and slowly mastering his craft, he and a partner embarked on a journey that is now Vatican Tattoo Studio. Over the years Jeff and his meticulously selected staff have created a reputation of quality and dedication to the timeless craft of tattooing. Jeff specializes mainly in large scale Japanese style tattooing. He is a widely accredited, award winning artist in this genre. Don’t let this fool you, he is also well versed in portraits and traditional style tattooing as well. When Jeff isn’t slaving at the bit, day in and day out at the studio, he enjoys lounging around the house with his loving wife and beautiful children. He enjoys a fine glass of top shelf rum, classic reggae and punk music, building and restoring his 1953 Chevy Belair , carving tikis, and watching his beloved Miami Dolphins.

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